Lab Values and Outreach


We recognize that science is not exempt from the inequalities in our society, despite the incontrovertible ethical and practical value of diversity in science. We work to correct this deficiency, both within our lab and outside it.

We stand for diversity and inclusion in science and beyond.

  • Black lives matter
  • We stand against AAPI hate
  • We stand for LGBTQ+ rights
  • We support rights for the undocumented
  • We recognize the gender gap in science and beyond
  • Anyone who is interested in science has a place in science

We believe in promoting and creating opportunities for the marginalized and underrepresented.

We confront our own biases and privilege.


Lab members are valued, heard, and belong. The health (physical and mental) of our members is our top priority. Our lab is built on trust, accountability, and an earnest desire to cultivate a passion for science in everyone who passes through it.


Recognizing that “bad science” is not science at all, we strive not only for honesty and objectivity, but also to make real and significant contributions to the the fields in which we work.

  • We value academic integrity. Beyond respecting the contributions of other members of our field, preserving the lineage of scientific ideas is also crucial for building upon them.
  • We value objectivity.
  • We value respect. By nature, science is collaborative, and collaborations flourish in an environment of mutual respect.