Williams Lab Group Photo, Fall 2021

The Williams Immune Nanomedicine Lab is in the Biomedical Engineering Department of the Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York. The lab aims to design and translate nanomedicines relating to targets in inflammatory disease processes. Specifically, we are developing kidney-targeted polymeric nanoparticles as therapeutic tools for renal diseases and implantable optical nanosensor devices as diagnostic tools for cancer and other inflammation-driver diseases. The three primary facets of each project are 1) engineer and characterize novel materials, 2) use nanomaterials to address biological questions, and 3) translate nanomaterials to the clinic.

The City College of New York
Grove School of Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Research in BME
CUNY Graduate Center PhD Program in Chemistry
CUNY ASRC Nanoscience Initiative
Williams Lab Research

Recent Williams Lab News

  • The Williams Lab welcomes new BME PhD student Amelia Ryan!!
  • The Williams Lab received an NIH NIGMS R35 MIRA ESI grant! This award will fund our work in using nanosensors to study cytokine biology in chronic disease from 2021-2026. Great job team!
  • The Williams Lab received a 2021 ASRC Seed Grant! Congrats team!
  • June 2021: Ryan Williams receives an Oak Ridge Associated Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award! Congrats to the lab team!
  • June 2021: Lauren Prudhomme receives a CCNY G-RISE Fellowship to support her thesis research for 3 years! Congrats Lauren!
  • June 2021: Uriel Alvira and Jalen Crespo join the lab as CCNY-MSK PURT summer students! Welcome!
  • August 2020: The lab welcomes BME PhD student Lauren Prudhomme and Chemistry PhD student Pooja Gaikwad!!
  • July 2020: The lab re-opens at reduced capacity.

Older news can be found here.